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Global Eco-Cities Visit Gwangju


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Global Eco-Cities Visit Gwangju

Global eco-friendly cities, such as Curitiba, to attend Summit

Renowned NGOs to participate and share eco-policies


2011 UEA Gwangju Summit is ready to welcome visitors from all around the world, including delegates from leading eco-cities famous for their environmental policies, as well as representatives from NGOs involved in the global environmental movement, and worldwide experts. A total of 78 overseas cities and 16 global NGOs have enrolled for the Summit.


Curitiba, Brazil, is one of major eco-friendly cities attending the summit. Curitiba was once ruined by the aftermath of radical industrialization, but has continuously enacted policies to protect the environment to make it as green and pleasant as it is today. In particular, policies have focused on development of transportation systems to save energy, and securing green spaces in urban areas. Auckland, New Zealand is also a major participant; a city which is often recommended as the worlds best city to live in due to its clean environment and high quality of life.


A number of cities in developing countries are going to participate as well. In addition to cities having well-equipped systems to protect the environment, cities wishing to learn policies and share practices to reduce greenhouse gas emission will gather in Gwangju on the occasion of this Summit.


Participation from various global NGOs is also remarkable. As well as co-host UNEP, other international organizations concerned with the environment will be part of this Summit: UN-HABITAT, UNDP, UNESCO, OECD, World Bank, ICLEI, UITP, UNU, UNISDR, etc. Organizations interested in the environment in private sectors also are coming to Gwangju to help make efforts to define cities roles in environment protection.


In addition, Mr. Lester R. Brown, founder of the Worldwatch Institute, will deliver a keynote speech, and a series of activities will be held allowing international experts to share ideas, including Inter-Agency Advisory Group to develop Urban CDM, four accompanying international conferences, and so on.