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What is Urban Environmental Evaluation Index?


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☞ Urban Environmental Accords(UEA) have been signed by 52 worldwide mayors in San Francisco in 2005, on the occasion of United Nations Environment Programme World Environment Day. In UEA signatory cities agree to autonomous implementation of 21 actions in 7 sectors e.g. Energy, Wastes, etc to handle environmental issues. The accords, however, are facing difficulties in its implementation as the same criteria are applied both to developed country cities and ones in developing countries.


    Urban Environment Evaluation Index, which is currently being developed and introduced its draft during 2011 UEA Gwangju Summit, will provide cities with ideal and comprehensive criteria of eco cities. This index will also include urban planning sector with Land Use and Urban CDM added, and environmental sector with environmental criteria of WHO and EPA considered.


    In addition, this index will suggest the model example of eco-city and introduce methodologies, target setup, and action plans to overcome worsening environmental issues. In this light, guideline of cities' environmental evaluation, related policies and urban planning will be suggested.