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What will be discussed at the Plenary I of 2011 UEA Gwangju Summit?


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☞ 3 Plenary Sessions are to be arranged during 2011 UEA Gwangju Summit.


In plenary Ⅰ, Development of Eco-city by Urban Environmental Evaluation Index will be discussed

    This session aims to present a comprehensive index as a standard for Eco-city and cases of model eco-cities which apply the standard. It also introduces methodologies, targets, and action plans to handle worsening environmental issues as well as suggests urban environmental evaluation, policies and guideline for urban planning.


In plenary Ⅱ, Cities' opportunity and Challenge based on Urban CDM will be discussed

    While greenhouse gas emitted in urban area accounts for 60~80% of those emitted in entire world, currently adopted carbon finance mechanisms such as existing CDM are not dedicatedly designed for utilization in cities. Therefore, as the necessity to mitigate climate change through green economy at city level grows, this session suggests urban CDM as  incentives to lead urban green economy and provides agenda on development of urban CDM, the new paradigm of cities' greenhouse gas reduction by granting cities carbon emission rights  based on the reduced emissions.


In plenary Ⅲ, Development of Low-carbon Green City will be discussed

    In this session, general environmental issues will be diagnosed by Urban Environmental Evaluation Index and Urban CDM which will have dealt with at Plenary I and II, and methods to develop low-carbon green city such as how to reduce greenhouse gas will be sought.