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Stakeholders gather at the UEA Melaka Summit 2017 to discuss strategie…


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Stakeholders gather at the UEA Melaka Summit 2017

to discuss strategies towards “Green City, Sustainable City”

Posted on October 3, 2017 on the website of ICLEI SEAS​


City leaders, members of the UEA Executive Committee, and representatives of the host State of Melaka gather to formally open the 2017 UEA Melaka Summit at A’Famosa Hotel in Alor Gajah City, Melaka State, Malaysia.

Melaka, Malaysia- ICLEI Southeast Asia Secretariat joined the 2017 Urban Environmental Accord (UEA) Summit with the theme “Green City, Sustainable City” in Alor Gajah City from 7-9 September 2017.

The three-day event convened local government representatives, city networks, and international agencies to share outstanding local programs and best practices addressing a wide range of urban development issues. Working sessions tackled the following thematic areas: green construction, water management, zero energy building, urban forestry and agriculture, waste management, women and youth, green transportation, low carbon energy, and the sustainable development goals (SDGs).

During the session on the SDGs, ICLEI SEAS Mitigation Officer Mr. Marvin Lagonera of explored the synergies between low carbon resilient development and the SDGs for cities. In his presentation, he highlighted the inclusive and cross-cutting nature of local climate action contributing to the achievement of the various SDGs.

From an integrated development perspective, Mr. Lagonera posited that low carbon and resilience initiatives also bring about economic opportunities, improved social well-being such as health and food security, and other co-benefits contributing to various SDGs.

Aside from carbon emission reduction contributions, multi-sectoral low carbon strategies enhance transport safety and mobility, widens energy access and resilience, and improves community well-being, among others. By reducing climate impacts on urban systems such as water, energy and urban infrastructures, adaptation to climate change also leads to increased social welfare, productivity and standards of living. A copy of his presentation can be accessed here.


Filipinos from various affiliations join the UEA executive committee for a group photo during the closing ceremony of the UEA Summit. Mr. Marvin Lagonera represented ICLEI Southeast Asia Secretariat, Mr. Jay Yu Tecson for the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), Mr. Alvidon Asis for the League of Cities of the Philippines (LCP), Mr. Noel Hechanova of Iloilo City, and Ms. Mary Jane Ortega for the CityNet.

Mr. Emani Kumar, Deputy Secretary General of ICLEI and Executive Director of ICLEI South Asia, also gave a keynote address highlighting the ever-increasing importance of local city actions and their potential to address global sustainability challenges, including climate change impacts.

The Urban Environmental Accord (UEA) is an international collaborative organization working to develop the Urban Environmental Evaluation Index together with the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). It supports cities worldwide by promoting the sharing of best practices and developing environmental policies for the creation of resilient and low-carbon green cities. It was established on 05 June 2005 in San Francisco on the occasion of the World Environment Day.