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UEA Secretariat visited to the City of Palembang


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UEA Secretariat visited to the City of Palembang

MoU signing for the 2019 UEA Summit


On May 30, at the Griya Agung (Office of South Sumatra Governor), South Sumatra Governor Alex Noerdin signed the MoU for the host of 2019 UEA South Sumatra Summit.



This MoU indicates the roles and responsibilities for each party in order to achieve thorough preparations of the Summit.

Based on this MoU, the UEA Secretariat and South Sumatra will be able to proceed with Summit preparations in a more organized and efficient way.

Working Group meeting


Meanwhile, the UEA Secretariat visited to the City of Palembang, Indonesia, from 28 to 31 May. This visit is for the discussions on preparations of UEA Summit incluidng signing of MoU.


The working group meeitng took place on May 29. This meeting is organized by the Special Staff of the Governor for Climate Change, Dr. Najib Asmani. There was a agreements on the date, venue and theme for the next event.

Date : October 16-18, 2019

Venue : Novotel

Theme : Sustainable and Smart Districts & Cities

Meeting with the Secretary of South Sumatra

During the visit to the City of Palembang, the UEA Secretariat met the Secretary of South Sumatra Province, Nasrun Umar, on May 30. In this meeting, he highlited South Sumatra will focus on the successful host of UEA Summit with the support from all related parties.






Meeting with the Governor of South Sumatra


After the meeting with Secretary of South Sumatera Province, the UEA Secretariat visited Griya Agung for the meeting with Governor of South Sumatra, Alex Noerdin. In this meeting, we confirmed his commitment to the host of UEA Summit, and

are convinced South Sumatra will successfully held.



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