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Talk Concert on “Climate Change and Human Rights”


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Talk Concert on “Climate Change and Human Rights”

A talk concert (public lecture) featuring professor Cho Hyo-je was held on October 19 at the Kimdaejung Convention Center in Gwangju.




Organized on the sidelines of the World Human Rights Cities Forum, the lecture addressed the link between climate change and human rights. Cho spoke in depth about what makes climate change a human rights issue.


The record breaking heatwave that swept South Korea this summer took a heavy toll on the country, leading to a hike in heat-related deaths.


This is a human rights issue as it threatens the right to life.

Health issues related to climate change, such as increased respiratory symptoms caused by particulate matter, are also closely associated with human rights.

Cho’s speech was an inspiring reminder that climate change and human rights issues are inseparable, and creating a green city is about protecting human rights.