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List of Inter-Agency Advisory Group Members

List of Inter-Agency Advisory Group Members
No. Name Organization Position
1 Mr. Kim, Kwi-gon(Co-Chair) Mr. Kim, Kwi-gon (Co-Chair) UEA,
Emeritus Professor at Seoul University
Secritary General, UEA
2 Mr. Arab Hoballah(Co-Chair) Mr. Arab Hoballah (Co-Chair) UNEP, France Chief,
Sustainable Consumption and Production Branch
3 Mr. Peter Gilruth Mr. Peter Gilruth UNEP, Kenya Director,
Division of Early Warning and Assessment
4 Mr. Park,Young-woo Mr. Park,Young-woo UNEP, Thailand Regional Director and Representative
for Asia and the Pacific
5 Niclas Svenningsen Niclas Svenningsen UNFCCC Manager,
Strategy and Policy Development Unit
6 Mr. Rafael Tuts Mr. Rafael Tuts UN-HABITAT, Kenya Chief, TCBB
7 Ms. Anne-Isabelle Degryse-Blateau Ms. Anne-Isabelle
UNDP Seoul Policy Center, Korea Director.
8 Mr. Ishwaran Natarajan Mr. Ishwaran Natarajan UNESCO, France Director,
Division of Ecological and Earth Sciences
9 Mr. Christopher Kennedy Mr. Christopher Kennedy OECD, France Professor
10 Mr. Dan Hoornweg Mr. Dan Hoornweg World Bank, U.S.A Lead Urban Specialist
11 Mr. Guenter Meinert Mr. Guenter Meinert GIZ, Germany Senior GTZ
Urban Management specialist
12 Ms. Patricia L.McCarney Ms. Patricia L.McCarney University of Toronto,Canada Professor
13 Mr. Lee,Hyun-woo Mr. Lee,Hyun-woo KEI, Korea Senior Research Fellow
14 Mr. Bae,Jeong-hwan Mr. Bae,Jeong-hwan Chonnam National University Professor
15 Ms. Soraya Smaoun Ms. Soraya Smaoun UNEP, France Programme Manager,
Sustainable Consumption and Production Branch


No. Name Organization Position
1 Mr. Hyoung GunWang Mr. Hyoung Gun Wang World Bank, U.S.A Economist in the Finance,Economics and
Urban Department of the World Bank
2 Mr. Marcus Lee Mr. Marcus Lee World Bank, U.S.A Urban Economist of World Bank