Urban CDM Model

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Purpose and Background

  • The Urban CDM Model, a new paradigm of city-wide GHG reduction, is designed to enable UEA member cities to make urban plans for realization of the climate-responding and sustainable city.
  • The Urban CDM Model will be operated in conjunction with UEA City Award.
  • Through the Urban CDM Model, UEA Secretariat helps its member cities access to climate-related fund international agencies and companies so that cities, especially from developing countries, can actively respond to climate change.

International Cooperation

  • The Urban CDM Model is being developed in cooperation with international entities such as UNFCCC, UNEP, the World Bank, etc., so it can secure reliability in global society.
  • To improve applicability and usability of GPD, cooperative network with cities and Local governments around the globe is being built.
  • Once developed, expert/peer reviews will be made by international entities such as the World Bank, UNFCCC, ISO, etc.
  • The Urban CDM Model was introduced at 2015 UEA UEA Summit and disseminated to global society.