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MOU to Promote the Friendship & Collaboration between Gwangju Metropolitan City and Rio de Janeiro

To improve the mutual understanding and prosperity and to expand the friendship between both cities, Gwangju Metropolitan City and the Rio de Janeiro City agreed to reinforce the collaboration between both cities and to increase the exchange and collaboration in diverse areas as follows.

  1. 1.Under the principle of equality and mutual benefits, both cities shall mutually exchange and collaborate in the areas of the sustainable development, sports, economy, technology, culture and tourism.
    1. 1-1.Both cities shall exchange the experience and professional technologies related the environmental problems including climate change, green industry, waste treatment and bio-diversity.
    2. 1-2.Both cities shall find the opportunity to collaborate in sports area, and shall exchange the experience and information related to the organization of major sports events including 2015 Summer Universiade, and 2015 Rio Olympics, etc..
    3. 1-3.Both cities shall expand and strengthen the trade and economic cooperation.
    4. 1-4.Both cities shall increase the cultural exchange and activities.
  2. 2.Both cities shall designate the department and personnel in charge of exchange to facilitate the mutual exchange and collaboration.
  3. 3.To strengthen the friendship and increase the exchange and cooperation in the diverse areas, both cities agreed to make efforts to build the long-term friendship. In addition, both cities agreed to discuss the procedure required to enter into the sister city agreement at appropriate time.
  • This MOU is made in English and signed on June 18, 2012 by both cities.
  • June 18, 2012
Gwangju Metropolitan City, KoreaMayor of Gwangju Metropolitan City
Kang Woon-Tae
Rio de Janeiro City, BrazilMayor of Rio de Janeiro City
Educado Paes