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Development of Urban Environment Evaluation Index

  • Overall Purpose of this project is to develop the urban environment evaluation index applicable for both the advanced countries and the developing countries jointly by Gwangju Metropolitan City and UNEP
  • By developing and applying ideal and comprehensive environmental city criteria and its evaluation index considering current technologies and the environmental standards recommended by WHO, establish the environmental city standards and propose the direction for the urban environment policy to overcome the environmental problems which become worse day by day
    • Establish the goal and comprehensive standards on the environmental city and develop the evaluation index
    • By reviewing compliance of the evaluation index, award the city having outstanding performance including 'Environmental City' certification
    • Utilize as the environmental guidelines when establishing the urban planning

Development of Urban CDM

What is the Urban Clean Development Mechanism?
ince existing SDM projects are promoted by unit project, the research on the CDM methodology and model covering entire city is required.
Although the greenhouse gas emitted in the cities takes up considerable portion of the entire greenhouse emissions, there is limit to make as CDM because the emission sources are mostly small
Although the developing countries's participation in the greenhouse gas reduction is required, they have insufficient will for reduction due to limitation of capital and technology, and the reduction of absolute amount is hard to expect its effects due to rigorous certification process.
Therefore, to induce the participation of the countries not listed in Annex I by developing the methodology to make the greenhouse gas emission reduced by the policy and project, etc. against the greenhouse gas emission in the cities, and with urban carbon financing technique preparing Post Kyoto system, the methodology of Cap & Trade method base on the BAU standard by country basis has been developed
※ What is CDM(Clean Development Mechanism)?
Stated in article 12 of Kyoto Protocol, it refers to the system allowing the advanced countries to reduce the greenhouse gas cost-effectively and the developing countries to obtain technological and economical aids by reflecting the greenhouse gas reduction, which occurs by investment of country A, the advanced country, in the country B, the developing country, in the reduction achievement of country A.