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Global Environmental Outlook (GEO-5) Intergovernmental Meeting

  • Date: Jan 29 ~31, 2012 (3 days)
         ※ Jan 28(Sat) 13:00~18:00 Prior to official meeting, participants registration was concluded and advanced briefing was conducted
  • Place: Kim Dae-Jung Convention Center, Gwangju Metropolotan City
  • Organized by: UNEP(UN Environment Programme), Gwangju Metropolitan City, Ministry of Environment
  • Participants Scale: Total 97 persons (policy makers and environmental experts from 55 countries, UNEP officials, etc.)
         ※ Special Session (held on Jan 29): 224 persons including GEO-5 participants, domestic guests, etc.
  • Event Contents: GEO-5 SPM General Meeting and Special Session, Welcoming Dinner, etc.
  • Kang Woon-Tae, the mayor of Gwangju Metropolitan City, delivering the opening address
  • Heated discussion ofparticipants of GEO-5 Intergovernmental meeting
  • CRepresentatives of each Governments and the participants of international organizations participants in GEO-5 Intergovernmental Meeting
  • Special Session
  • Kim Gui-Gon, the secretary general, delivering the presentation

GEO-5 Special Session Meeting Result

  • Date/Venue : Jan 29, (Sun) 17:50 ~ 19:52 (122min) / Holiday Inn Hotel in Gwangju
  • Theme: A Sustainable City Dealing with Climate Change
  • Participants : Approximately 230 persons (GEO5:103 persons, Invited guests:127 persons)
  • Key Figures: Louis Xavier (Mexican Ambassador), Yeon-Cheol Yoo (Head of International Cooperation Bureau), Kyung-Lin Park (Head of Green Gwangju 21), In-Hwa Hong (City Councilor), Hwa-Jin Hwang (Vice President of KEI), etc.
  • Presentation of KANG WOON-TAE, the mayor of Gwangju city and the Chairman of the Special Session
  • Scene of Special Session
  • Performance (pansori) in welcoming dinner party

Countries Participated

(Final as of jan 31, 2012)

(Final as of jan 31, 2012)
Continent Number of Countries Participated(Person) Name of County Legend: Vice-minister (1), Ambassador (4), Direcor of governmental agency (1) Remark
Total 55 countries
(97 persons)
Asia 21 (29) China (2), Indonesia (4), Yemen, Azerbaijan, Cambodia, Palau, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan, Nepal, Philippine, Georgia, Turkey (2), Iran (2), Iraq (3), Bhutan, Thailand, Arab League, Palestine, Myanmar, India, Afghanistan  
Europe 11 (11) Germany, Serbia, Ukraine, Czech, Sweden, Belarus, Swiss, Norway, Poland, Spain, Rumania  
America 7 (7) U. S. A., Canada, Brazil, Belize, Peru, Mexico, Colombia  
Africa 15 (15) Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania, South Sudan, Morocco, Ethiopia, Burundi, Nigeria, Togo, Uganda, Comoros, Ginea Bissau, Egypt, Niger, Congo  
Oceania 1 (1) Cook Islands  
Sub Total by Continent 55 countries
(63 persons)
International Organization (16) UNEP (14), United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and Pacific (2)  
GEO-5 Experts (15) Experts by area such as atmosphere, bio-diversity, water, soil, etc.  
Others (3) GEO-5 Public Relation Team