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UEA Secretariat Opeing Ceremony and Holding An International Symposium

  • Date: May 03, 2012, (Thu) 14:00 ~ 17:00
  • Place: Conference Room at KDJ Convention Center (2nd Floor)
  • Co-Organizer: Gwangju City, San Francisco City, UNEP
  • Participants: 230 persons (30 major dignities, 200 persons including academic society, civil and environmental organizations)
    • Overseas: Prime Minister of Malacca and 6 delegates, Mayor of Iloilo City and one person, Director of Environmental Policy Communication Office of Sam Francisco, UNEP cooperation officer
    • Domestic: Mr. Yoon Bong-Geun, President of Gwangju City Council, Mr. Lim Nae-Hyeon, National Assemblyman, Mr. Song Jae-Yong, Director of Environment Policy Department, Mr. Lee Jae-Hyeon, Director of Youngsan River Environment Office, Mr. Mun Sang-Pil, President of Environment and Welfare Committee of Guangju City Council, and moke attendants from academic societies and civil and environmental organizations, etc.
  • Greetings from the mayor of Gwangju Metropolitan City
  • Signboard Hanging Ceremony
  • Tour of office

Major Contents

MOU between Gwangju City and Malacca City
Exchange the expertise and technology in the greenhouse gas area, waste area, eco-system restoration area
The experience and technology exchange, etc related to eco-friendly future industry fostering and propagation such as optical electronics , etc.
※ Signed UEA membership (member city: 143 → 144 cities)
☞ Active promotion of friendly relationship (LED exportation, etc) with strategic industries)
UEA Secretariat Office Opening Ceremony
Report UEA Progress ⇒ Welcome Message (Mayor) ⇒ Congratulatory Message 1 (Mr. Yoon Bong-Geun, the president of City Council) ⇒ Congratulatory Mesage 2 (Mr. Song Jae-Yoyong, director of Environmental Policy Department of the Ministry of Environment) ⇒ Congratulatory Messange 3 (Mr. Lim Nae-Hyeon, National Assemblyman)
Unveiling the signboard of UEA secretary Office and toured the offices
The International Symposium: Mayor (senior person in present) presided the meeting and commented on the presentation
Subject: Toward the Carbon-neutral City
Presenter: 7 Presentations (2 Keynote speeches, 2 subject related, 3 form presentations)
Contents of Presentation
Contents of Presentation
Presenter Title Contents
1 Mr. Jed Patric Marvillogue
(Mayor of Iloilo City)
Equilibrium between Economic Development and Preservation of Emvironment
Introduction of good environmental policy of Iloilo City
Explained the wetlands conservation zone, Iloilo River development project, green building, solid waste Management policy, re-forestation policy, etc comparing before and after the implenation of policy
2 Mr. Datuk Rustam
(Prime Minister of Malacca)
Malacca - Low Carbon, Green City
Implemented the various environmental policies for the purpose of reducing voluntarily greenhouse gas emission by 40% comparing with production by 2020
Established 2 special zone (Malacca world Solar Valley , Hang Tuah-Jaya green city) and sustainable development project (Redevelop the polluted river and utilized it as tourist resources, use of renewable energy such sa LED, etc, waste management, etc)
3 Mr. Kim Gui-Gon
(Secretary General of UEA)
Urban Environmental Planning and Economic Response on the Climate Change
Good environmental planning has close relationship with urban design
Economic response to the climate change "Urban CDM"
Introduction of basic concept and Gwangju urban CDM
Introduction of cooperation activities between UEA and international organizations and future plan
4 Mr. Tuney Srisacule Chairac
(UNEP Cooperation Officer)
Resource-efficient City
The city is the major cause of environmental problems and has a key for the solutions
UNEP is conducting various projects to solve these problems in connection with cities Sustainable urban programme
5 Mr. Gillermo Rodriguez
(San Francisco)
San Francisco - the Best environmental City in North America
Introduction of good environmental policy of San Francisco
Aiming zero garbage by 2020, Green building policy, energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy policy, etc.
6 Mr. Lim Nak-Pyeong
(Gwangju Federation for Environmental Movement)
For the Carbon-neutral City
Indispensable Low carbon future city
Change into the carbon-neutral city
introduction of policy measures to go toward the carbon-neutral city
7 Mr. Kim Jeong-Gon
(Land and Housing Institute)
Vision and Strategy of Carbon-neutral City
Principles of carbon-neutral city
Minimize urban carbon emission. Substitute the inevitable carbon emission with renewable energy
Minimize the dependency to the fossil energy and energy consumption, and maximize the energy-efficiency
Require urban development sustained the circulative metabolism
ntroduction of the carbon-neutral city design diagram and road map