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Programs of 2013 UEA San Antonio Summit

  • Theme : Sustainable Cities & Sustainable Relationships
  • Organizers : Urban Environmental Accords (UEA), Sister Cities International (SCI)
  • Host : City of San Antonio (COSA)
  • Executive Commisioners : City of Gwangju, City and County of San Francisco
  • In Collaboration with : United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)

UEA's Key Agenda to be Presented (currently being co-developed by UNEP)

Progress reports on : Urban CDM (Clean Development Mechanism) & Urban Environmental Evaluation Index
Best Practices : Eco-friendly policies and activities of member cities

Key Presenters

UEA / COSA / SCI / UNEP / World Bank / KEI (Korea Environment Institute) /

Benefits to Participants

Present participating cities' best practices
Visit San Antonio's eco-friendly facilities (optional)
Extend international relations with global eco-cities

UEA in Conjunction with SCI (Sister Cities International)

SCI was created in 1956 by President Eisenhower in hope that it could create relationships based on exchanges in the fields of culture, education, information and trade. For more information, visit http://www.sister-cities.org/annual-conference
UEA and SCI will adopt the 'San Antonio Declaration on Sustainable Future City' together, and convey it to the United Nations.

Information Note Guideline: How to register UEA Summit

http://www.sister-cities.org/annual-conferencehttp://www.sfgov.org/index.asp www.visitsanantonio.com

Sponsors http://www.nadbank.org/http://www.co.bexar.tx.us/ http://www.servidyne.com/

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