2015 UEA Iloilo Summit

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  • Name : 2015 UEA Iloilo Summit
  • Duration : September 15-17, 2015
  • Venue : Sarabia Manor Hotel and Convention Center, Iloilo City, Philippines
  • Attendees : 735 (37 cities and 23 organizations from 13 countries)
  • Theme : Green City, Livable City
  • Agenda : Air Quality, Low Carbon Development, Natural Resources, Building, Energy, Transport, Waste, etc.
  • Organizer/Host : UEA Secretariat / Iloilo City
  • In Collaboration with : UNEP, Korea Environment Institute


735 attendees participated
※ 822 in Gwangju (in 2011), and 561 in San Antonio (in 2013)
 Introduced UEA-driven initiatives, supported by global society
  • - Presented GHG Projection·Diagnostics(GPD) Program
  • - Presented City Star Program(CSP) and UEA City Award (tentative), as well as distributed related publications
Found opportunities for financial independence of UEA, as well as for expansion of global networks
  • < Articles passed at Executive Committee Meeting on September 15>
  • - When necessary, UEA will enable to host Ex.Com. and Conference of Member Cities in a written format.
  • - Annual membership fee shall be enforced from 2017.
  • - Associate membership will be adopted targeting collectives of local governments, colleges, research laboratories, NGOs, etc.
  • - New Executive member is added: Melaka of Malaysia
  • - Official support was made to UEA's key initiatives : GPD, CSP, and UEA City Award
  • ※ See Annex for more information.
Breakout sessions were organized by renowned international agencies experts for professional subjects
  • - Clean Air Asia : Clean Air Planning and Partnership
  • - ICLEI : Women and Youth in Climate Change, Urban Nexus
  • - USAID : Low Carbon Development, Water Security
  • - CDIA : Financing Urban Infrastructure
  • - PIEP : Private Sector Engagement for Social Urban Development
Announced UEA-Iloilo City Declaration.
  • - Proceed to UEA's initiatives (GPD, CSP, UEA City Award, etc) designed to contribute to the attainment of the global Sustainable Development Goals(SGD)
  • - Address to trans-boundary issues among cities on shared contents during the Summit
  • - Collaborate with other international organizations and platforms such as C40, UCLE, ICLEI, CityNet, etc.
  • - Develop and implement a plan to mobilize financial resources to support the sustainability of the UEA and fund its activities and initiatives
  • - Focus on educating and empowering the youth
  • ->It is in line with existing declarations announced at previous summits, supports UEA's current activities, and show vision to collaboration among cities. In this light, this declaration embraces the past, present, and future of UEA's commitments.
  • ※ See Annex for more information
Promoted engagement of youth and women
  • - Side Event : UEA Youth Forum (Sept. 15~17), organized by LEOs International, attended by 200+
  • - Breakout Session : Empowering Women and Youth for Community Climate Action (Sept. 15), organized by ICLEI
Announced Next Host : Melaka State (Malaysia)
  • ->Make joint collaboration among UEA-Melaka-Iloilo City