Carbon Bank System

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  • Carbon Bank System
  • Restoration of land of closed railway , the Green Road
  • Sihwamaeul (Village of Poetry and Painting)
  • Restoration of Mt Mudeung's Eco-System
  • City of LED


Entered into the agreement of model city responding to the climate change with the Ministry of Environment
Select the Carbon Bank as special policy measure
By 2020, 30% of reduction to 2005 in BAU (the expected emission value) basis (4% by absolute amount basis)
Since home and commercial areas take up 39%, the reduction in house hold and commercial areas are desperately needed
House hold and commercial (39%), Transportation (33%), Industrial (22%), Public and others (6%)

Carbon Bank System

  • Introduction: 2008 ~ 2012 (Implemented in full scale after 2013)
  • Subjected Participants: Apartment houses, detached houses including apartments, etc
  • Reduction Objects: Electricity, city gas, water supply
  • Grant the point for the reduced energy consumption during corresponding year from the base energy consumption
    • Base energy consumption: Use the average value of recent energy consumption in the past 2 years

Gwangju Metropolitan City(Overall control),Home,Gwangju Bank

  • Build the collaboration system by the partnership with the private
  • Targeted participating household in 2011: 200,000 households (participating household as of september, 2010: 51,606)


  • Grand Prize for 2008 Responding to Climate Change organized by the Ministry of Environment and the Commission on the Sustainable Development: December, 2012
  • 2009 Environmental Awards organized by the Ministry of Environment and Chosunilbo (low carbon green area): July, 2009

Direction of promotion in 2011

  • Publicize Activation of Carbon Bank
  • Education of Carbon Bank: Perform commissioned education for citizen by Citizen Education Center (3,500 persons during the year)
  • Expand the Carbon Green Card issuance (Gwangju Bank)
    • Add the discount functions of card: Restaurant, Gas station, Amusement park, Discounted Baseball game admission fee discount, etc: March, 2011

Build the foundation, Spread the Participation, Settled Down in Life