Restoration of land of closed railway , the Green Road

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  • Carbon Bank System
  • Restoration of land of closed railway , the Green Road
  • Sihwamaeul (Village of Poetry and Painting)
  • Restoration of Mt Mudeung's Eco-System
  • City of LED

Visit the park

  • Location: Gwangju station ~ Gwangju River ~ Baekwoon Plaza ~ Dongseong Middle School
  • Size/Area: 7.9㎞(width 8~26m) / 113,172㎡(34,234pyeong)
  • main tree :312,000 trees of 107 species including zelkova, etc.
  • Facilities: Bicycle, pedestrian road and 45 park facilities

Characteristics of the Park

  • As a first case in domestic, which the land of closed railways was developed into the urban forest and park, the new model of 'advocacy planning where the citizens suggested and determined, was presented.
  • The bio-diversity has not yet built but urban green zone axis shall be connected

The Interesting Story

  • Long time ago, a lots of children lived around this railway, and they say that if the people would lived surrounding area of railway, could have lots of children..
  • How about the couples, who agonize over not having a child, make a wish walking over here hand in hand?
  • Old railway
  • The adolescents and elders enjoying at the green road.
  • The college band performing concert in the cultural plaza
  • The adolescents participating in the event of green road walking

Park Development Process

  • Reflected the citizen's opinions of each area from design to execution by composing the resident meeting on the design of Green Road, the design meeting, and the advisory board participated the citizen, social organization, experts, professors, city council, etc.
  • The citizens participated the management of the completed section of Green Road such as picking up garbages, weed removal, etc. in the Green Road by organizing voluntary service, which was composed mainly by the resident association

Effects of the Park

  • Enhance the citizens' quality of life by meeting and communicating with neighbors, taking a rest, exercising, viewing the cultural events, etc. owing to the park development recovering urban separation by the railway, damages by the noise, and vibration
  • The Gwangju Community was built through the participation of the regional media, corporations in the Green Road campaign, and served to motivate the expansion of the new green space in the lands for the public institutions within the city, which moved to other locations.