Sihwamaeul (Village of Poetry and Painting)

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  • Carbon Bank System
  • Restoration of land of closed railway , the Green Road
  • Sihwamaeul (Village of Poetry and Painting)
  • Restoration of Mt Mudeung's Eco-System
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The 'Sihwa Cultural Village' located at Munhwa-Dong, Buk-Gu is the exemplary model village of resident autonomy created through the participation, communication and organic collaborate of 17 thousand residents and resident association composed of 24 residents.

The Munhwa-Dong, which is the gate to Gwangju and was mere outskirt area of Gwangju, has been transformed into the most beautiful village in the country as it encountered with culture.

In the 'Sihwa Cultural Village', which was ranked as No. 1 village desired to live in 2007 and received various awards including the grand prize of 2008 National Resident Autonomous Exhibition, the visitors from all over the nation keep conming for benchmarking for village making and tour.

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Transportation Guide

  • Address: Gakhwa-Dong, Buk-Gu, Gwangju | Tel: 062-510-1225
  • Urban Bus
    • Gakhwa Middle School: Duam 81, Yongjeon 86
    • Gakhwa Elementary School: Geumho 36, Geumnam 55, Songam 74
    • Entrance of Munheung District(Nam): Songam 47