Restoration of Mt Mudeung's Eco-System

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  • Restoration of Mt Mudeung's Eco-System
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Mudeung Mountain Park

  • Location: The area covering Dong-Gu and Buk-Gu, Gwangju and Damyang and Hawsun-Gun, Jeonnam
  • Area: 115.76㎢ (including 30.23㎢ of Mudeung Mountain Park)
  • Elevation: 1,187m
  • Park Designation : May 22, 1972 (Provincial Park)
  • Condition and Characteristics of Mudeung Mountain
    • Among the cities in the world, the cities having population between 1 million and 2 million are 28 cities, but Gwangju is the only one city having the mountain (Mt. Mudeung) higher than 1000m with 15 km from the downtown
    • 29 species of rare plants such as Obovata etc. and of class I and class II endangered plant species are spread
    • The otter, which is the natural monument and designated as class 1 endangered specie, and the leopard car, which is the class II endangered specie, etc inhabitate
    • Has a beautiful landscape by conserving boulder layer such as Deoksan, Jigongneodeol, etc. and Wonhyo valley and Jeungshim valley, etc.
    • Columnar joint band (Yipseok and Seoseokdae) was designated as the natural monument (important resources academically and culturally)

Mudeung Mountain Park map

  • By Administrative District: Gwangju 58%, Jeonnam 42%
By Administrative District
City·Province District·County Area Proportion Remark
Total 115.76 115.76 100
Gwangju Metropolitan City Sub total 67.30 58
Dong-Gu 30.05 26
Buk-Gu 37.25 32
Jeollanam-Do Sub Total 48.08 42
Damyang-Gun 23.09 20
Hwasun-Gun 24.99 22
  • Mudeung Mountain Conservation Efforts
  • Active participation of civic groups such as Mudeung Mountain Conservation Group Council, etc. and Love Campaign
    • Have promoted the civic campaigns from 10 years ago such as national park designation of Mudeung Mountain, the restoration of Jeungshim temple area, etc.
  • Promote the pressing projects such as movement of Mt. Mudeung summit facilities and restoration, the restoration of eco-system of Wonhyo temple area, the private land sharing movement, restoration of old roads and mudol-gil of Mt. Mudeung, etc.→ Promoting national park designation of Mt. Mudeung (Recommended on Nov 22, 2010 to the Ministry of Environment)

Yang-Donga→Mt. Mudeung View Unique mountain higher than 1000m in the urban area

Jungbong (Military Base)

  • To restore the natural eco-system and to remove inconvenience to use by the access contorl, moved the military base and restored
  • Location: San 354-4 Yongyeonh-Dong, Dong-Gu.
  • Area: 41,417㎡ (12,528 pyeong)
  • Summary: Restored the geographical feature and vegetation. Installed the climbing course and information signs, etc.
    • Restoration of natural eco-system 53.3%, tourist attraction and rest facilities 38.2%, lawn square 8.5%
    • 가During fall, brilliant silver waves are undulated, and designated as excellent natural co-system restoration in 2007

Before restoration After restoration

Jeungshim Temple

  • Location: 56 Woonrim-Dong, Dong-Gu, Gwangju
  • History
    • The familiar and affectionate temple like neighbor in the soul mountain of Gwangju, Jeungshim Temple is the representative Buddhist temple largest in size and having longest history in Mt. Mudeung. They say that Jeungshim Temple was created by Doyun, Cheolgamseonsa, in 4th year of King Heonan of Shilla Dynasty (AD 860), and reconstructed by Hyejoguksa in 11th year of King Uijong of Goryu Dynasty, and reconstructed by Kim Bang in 25th year of King Sejong of Chosun Dynasty but has a tragic past by burn down during Second invasion of Japan during the Chosun Dynasty. In the early of Japanese colonial era, Jeungshim Temple became the base of Yimjaejong movement (Korean Buddhist movement that the root is different from Japanese Buddism) but since most of the temple were burnt out during the Korean War except Obaekjeon, the buildings were restored during 1970s ~ 1980s

Collective Facilities Movement of Jeungshim Temple

  • Location: Area of 100 Woonrim-Dong, Dong-Gu, Gwangju Metropolitan City
  • Area: 189 thousand ㎡(57 thousand pyeong)
  • ummary
    • After being designated as provincial park in 1972, the eco-system in the Mt. Mudeung Jeungshim Temple collective facilities area was restored to reborn as a natural park before damaged by planting oaks and pin e trees, the original plant species in Mt. Mudeung after rebuilding 91 aged and defective buildings scattered along with the Jeungshim-cheon in 2002 (76.7 billion won during 7 years)

Aged and defective buildings of Jeungshim Temple View after restoring Jeungshim Temple Aged and defective buildings of Jeungshim Temple View after restoring Jeungshim Temple