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Optical-Electronic Industry Fostering Direction

Industries of Gwnagju to be Ranked world's Top 3 in 2015

Growth of Optical Electronic Industry

  • The Optical Electronic industry, which has been fostered strategically from 2000, has achieved the 2 ,540 billion won of sales in 2010 and facing with the era of 3 thousand billion won sales in 2011
    • Sales: (99) 110 billion won→(09) 1615.7 billion won→ (10) 2,540 billion won (Grown by 57.2% )
    • Employee : (99)1.9 thousand →(09) 6,870 → (10) 8,004 (Grown by 16.5%)
    • Number of Company: (99) 47 companies → (09)346 companies → (10)360 companies (Grown by 4% )

광산업 성장 그래프

  • In the sales amount by business, the sales amount of the light source and photoelectric device took up 70% of total sales as they represented as 1742.8 billion won equivalent to 68.8%, and followed by optical communication of 409.6 billion and optical materials of 110.7 billion in order
  • In the number of company by type of business, the light source and photoelectric device took up 41.4%, the optical communication 18.6%, optical precision devices 10.6% and optical material, optical instrument and optical information device in order
  • In the number of employees, the light source and photoelectric device have 4,218 persons, 52.7%, the optical communication took up 24.6% and optical material is 10% in order

Major Issues in the optical-electronic industry

  • Getting away from the policy around the existing optical communication components and LED lightings, the optical electronic industry presented the optical complex indusrty , infrared aspheric lens, high energy laser, optical sensor, etc. which have higher overseas import dependency and high potential of growth, as new growth engine and make afforts to diversify the products and to create the new markets

2011 Optical-electronic Industral prospect

  • In 2011, the world optical-electronic market size is expected as 412.9 billion dollar increased by 7% than 2010, and the domestic optical-electronic industry is expected to have market share of 10% in the world market
  • Particularly, the world's LED TV market is expected to grow 3 times more than 2010, and since the expectation of domestic LED equipments and material area's growth is growing high together with remarkable activities of LED lighting area such as the expansion of LED lighting market for substituting fluorescent lightings, activation of LED distribution project of the Government, strategic advancement to overseas market, etc, the market prospect is bright

Optic-based fusion industry fostering and seeking og optic-based new growth engine

Eco-friendly optic-based fusion components development (part of leading industry)
'09~'11, 47.1 billion won (Totally governmental expenses)
Strengthening of the competitiveness of LED industry by making the shipbuilding industry as high value added business through the fusion of the optical technologies and through the LED lighting core technology development
16 R&D and 4 industrial eco-system support project are in progress
Localizing the production of Industrial laser core components and module
2010 ~ 2014 29 billion won (Government 25 billion, private 4 billion)
Promote the R&D and construction of foundation to localize the industrial laser components
Established the industrial laser support cent (Jun, 2010)
Infrared optical lens technology development and industrialization
2011~ 2015, 30 billion won (Government 25 billion, City 2.5 billion, private 2.5 billion)
Infrared optical lens material development and the technology to enter into mass production system
(New) Future intelligent optical sencor technology support
2012~ 2016, 15 billion won (Government 12 billion, City 1.5 billion, Private 1.5 billion)
Intelligent optical sensor technology development and corporate technology transfer and measurement, evaluation support, etc
(New) Femtosecond laser technology development and commercialization
2012~2016, 12.5 billion won (total by Government)
Strengthening the competitiveness of machine industry by the development of ultra-precision laser processing device and prototype production

Next generation optical communication and improvement of global production base for LED are

3-stage project for optical-electronic industry
2009~2012, 58.5 billion won (Government 31.7 billion, City 12.6 billion, Private 14.2 billion)
Next generation optic-based fusion technology infrastructure building project (14.6 billion)
Global marketing support (6.2 billion), Fostering optic technology manpower (6 billion)
Optic-based technology support project (7.4 billion),
Optic-based technology development project (24.3 billion)
Optical-electronic industry technical power improvement project
1-stage project: 2006~2010, 16.8 billion (Government 12 billion, City 0.9 billion, Private 3.9 billion)
2-stage project: 2011~2015, 21.5 billion (Government 15 billion, City 1.5 billion, Private 5 billion)
Optical product design support, element and process technology development and commercialization support, etc
LED Test complex building
2009~2014, 15.3 billion (Government 10 billion, City 2.5 billion, Private 2.8 billion)
Promote quality improvement such as LED lighting Field Testㆍcertification, fault analysis, etc.
LED test complex center establishment project is needed to expand (15.3 billion→ 28 billion)
LED industry source technology development
2009~2014, 25.1 billion (totally by Government)
High efficiency and high reliability LED packaging material and 280nm infrared LED chip technology development
Full color emotional lighting, control and network technology LED lighting device performance evaluation, certification, quality control technology and foundation building
(New) Build the bext generation photoelectric integrated module product base
2012~2016, 30 billion (Government 20 billion, City 5 billion, Private 5 billion)
To maintain the technical competitiveness in optical communication area, performance evaluation for photoelectric integrated module and fusion components, pilot production equipment building (about 80 classes)
Build the complex specialized in LED
Build 219 thousand ㎡ size of 2-stage of cutting edge scientific industrial complex (Dec, 2011)
Actively utilize new industrial complex building in R&D special district
Attract LED business division of large enterprise such as Samsung, POSCO, etc (Jul, 2010 ~)
Deply the strategic attraction activities to allow vertical affiliation of chip-module-system
Establish OLED technology development support center and support commercialization of the products
Develop plane luminescence lighting technology using OLED technology
2006~2013, 20.3 billion (Government 13.6 billion, Private 6.7 billion)
Low voltage powered OLED device and high efficient white OLED devide technology development, etc

OLED lighting industrialization base building project

  • 2010~2012(2 years), 5 billion (Government 2.6 billion, City 0.6 billion, Private 1.8 billion)
  • To promote the commercialization of OLED lighting, the promising area for future, establish the OLED technology development support center and support the commercialization of the products
  • Through the comprehensive support to the "panel-equipment-lighting", the component of OLED lighting industry, promote the mutual growth and contribute to the activation of OLED lighting industry