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  • 5.18공원 모습
  • Through the Gwangju Democratization Movement on May 18, 1980 had been a milestone of recognizing the energy of the enlightened public. Moreover, it had justified the legality and legitimacy of the movement refusing the dictatorship.

5·18 Gwangju Democratization Movement is the incident showing how tragic and how cruel against the human rights when a unrighteous state power violates the dignity of the people, and tramples on their rights.

The noble spirit of sacrifice of the Gwangju citizens, who resisted against the unrighteous state power to defend their and their family's lives, is the resolute belief on the human right and the democracy recognized by the international society, and has a biggest meaning to share the human rights and the spirit of democracy and peace, which are the universal values of mankind represented in the 5·18 Democratization Movement, with the people all over the world.

The anger, tears and courage of the citizens, who fought against the tyranny of the military regime in the Republic of Korea, a small divided country located in East Asia, shall be transmitted to the people of the world by being registered the written records contained the historicity of 5·18 movement and the democratization process of Korea as UNESCO Memory of the World. It will be important instrument for the education of the human rights that the people in the world will engrave the untransferable values of the human being such as the human rights, democracy, constitutionalism, etc, and go toward the justice.

The world's scholars evaluated 5.18 Democratization Movement as the most exemplary case in liquidating the past so called the transitional justice. it is because all the 5 principal principles of "investigation of the truth", "punishment of the responsibles", "regaining the honor" and "memorial project" had not been accomplished, although the liquidating works of the past against the violence and the criminal acts against the humanity occurred in the South America, South Africa, etc have been made.

In addition, it becomes the formal motive that the all the international societies recognize the Gwangju Metropolitan City, the city of human rights, for which Gwangju becomes the true city of human rights, and the brand value of Gwangju will be increased as much as that.

  • May 18th National Cemetery
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