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Gwangju in Asia, and Asia in Gwangju
Gwangju has various strengths such as historical experiences, diverse cultural assets, spiritual values of democracy, human right and peace, etc. Gwanju shall be reborn as the hub city of Asian cultures, and challenge to all the possibilities opened toward Asia and the World. In gwangju, the Asian cultures and the resources will be exchanged, and Gwangju will be located in their center.

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01.City of Arts

Source of diverse creative contents
As a gathering point of southern province cultures, has abundant traditional cultures such as lyric literatures, Goryeo celadon, Chinese paintings of Southern School, Pansori, folksy and delicious southern provincial foods, etc.
Have many groups of representative artists in the modern and contemporary painters, and the reputations followed by holding world class cutural events such as Gwangju Biennale, design biennale, etc.

02.City of Justice

Cultural autonomy and openness, and the foundation of Asian connection
The spirit of liberty inherent in Gwangju region such as Gwangju Students Movement, 5·18 Gwangju Democratization Movement, etc provides the soil having autonomy and openness, where the culture and arts can grow up.
haring the bitterness of colony, tyranny poverty with Asia, the spirits of democracy, human rights and the peace in Gwangju, which overcome with the strengths of the citizens, provides the foundation to build the partner relationship of trust

03.City of Education

The Core of cultural competitiveness as well as securing creative manpower
he manpower of the humanity, culture and arts are concentrated around the colleges, institutes, civic groups
Abundant potential human resources such as high college entrance rate, lots of information manpower, lots of departments related to culture and industry, etc.
  • Gwangju Biennale
  • Gwangju World Kimchi Culture Festival 2011
  • Universiade Gwangju 2015
  • Hub City of Asian Culture - Gwangju